Straightforward Account Opening

Establishing Terms of Business with TAM

In order to introduce clients you must be a regulated financial adviser with terms of business established with TAM. To confirm your status or to set up terms of business please contact our adviser support team:

Tel: +44 (0)207 549 7650      Email:


Opening client accounts

Opening a client account with TAM is a simple and straightforward process:


Complete our risk profile questionnaire and proposal request form

Our risk profile questionnaire is a useful tool to aid you in determining your clients risk profile.
Our proposal request form gathers all the initial information we need to generate a customised client pre-investment proposal.


We will return to you our comprehensive and customised pre-investment proposal

Our pre-investment proposals are personalised to you and your client and outline:

  • The chosen risk profile
  • How we will manage the portfolio
  • Our investment and research process
  • Who we are and importantly who will be managing the portfolio
  • Fees and costs
  • Our market outlook
  • A summary of all the funds within the portfolio

We aim to return your report within 48 hours, or earlier if urgent.


Our account opening forms are simple and are contained within the pre-investment proposal

All you need send us is the completed and signed client and adviser declaration forms.


We will promptly send you the client's account details and online log-in information

Once the account is opened it can be funded by electronic transfer or in-specie transfer.
Online portfolio valuations are then available 24 hours a day.



Client Login