Investment Note

Market Insights 2020

With global markets staging a healthy recovery last week investors hold their breath as to where we go from here – higher or lower as the game show likes to say. 

“The value of your investments can go down as well as up". Being investment professionals, you will all be familiar with that phrase because it’s plastered on every piece of literature in the investment industry. 

Well, the markets have hit us all with a vengeance. Arguably, after a decade of rallying markets and handsome returns we can’t say we at TAM are surprised that we are now facing a correction event. The ‘how and why’ is the debilitating factor.

Anyone ever watched a stage of the world rally championship? The only thing more impressive than watching the rally cars drift around impossibly tight corners at breakneck speed is the skill at which it takes the rally driver to achieve this without coming a cropper.



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