TAM Premier Portfolios

In 2008 we launched TAM Premier – our diversified range of tailored investment portfolios, actively managed by our award-winning team of experienced investment professionals. ​Our Premier solution offers a comprehensive range of risk-graded portfolios that can be tailored to fulfil the objectives and aspirations of each of our clients.

TAM Premier clients and their advisers select a risk-profiled portfolio style that most closely reflects their return objectives and attitude to risk. TAM offer a range of risk graded portfolios that span the risk spectrum from more secure, lower risk, cash-like returns, through to higher risk equity based investments returns. Once a risk profile has been selected a Premier portfolio can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of a client.

The diagram is for illustrative purposes only. The value of investments, and the income from it, may go down as well as up and may fall below the amount initially invested. Weightings may deviate from these levels at the Investment Team's discretion whilst staying within specific guidelines, so the above asset allocation is intended as a guide only.

Key Advantages


Pre Investment Proposal

We produce a comprehensive report which clearly focuses on iinvestment objectives, risk grading and rating, which are provided to all clients before investing.


A Wide Range of Risk Profiled Portfolios

The Premier solution spans the risk spectrum from the more secure lower risk cash-like returns, through to higher risk equity based investments. Eight tailored portfolio styles are available.



You can invest directly into the Premier portfolios, or use them as an underlying asset for an ISA, SIPP, Pension, Trust and/or Life Assurance wrapped product.



You can incorporate existing assets into your Premier portfolio with no additional cost for in specie inward transfers.


Income Options

Premier clients can opt for regular or ad-hoc income payments as required at a level that benefits their own needs.


Tax Considerations

Premier portfolios can be created to monitor and work within client CGT and tax positions where TAM are so advised.


Currency Options

We can denominate portfolios in all major currencies and multi-currency investment can be accommodated within your Premier portfolios.



International Investment & Increased Diversification

The Premier product allows for a broadly diversified investment solutions including an international element in line with the risk profile selected.


Multi-asset investing

With a best of breed approach, TAM creates and manages portfolios diversified not only by underlying investment asset and sector, but also by manager and corporate provider. This is essential to adding value to client portfolios. Depending upon the selection of risk profiled portfolios TAM uses OEICS, unit trusts, exchange traded funds and structured products to access a broad range of assets including equities, fixed income, property, commodities, alternative investment and hedge funds.




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