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You Give We Give In association with TAM Asset Management

A Proven Pionneering Alternative To

Traditional Fundraising

If your charity is seeking new ways to innovate the relationship with your supporters and their journey with your charity, TAM’s pioneering You Give We Give scheme could be the initiative you've been looking for. As a unique alternative to traditional fundraising methods, You Give We Give could provide your charity with sustainable income streams from socially responsible investments. We will work with you to raise the profile of the scheme and engage supporters to raise vital funds for your cause.

How It Works

You Give We Give enables investors to donate a percentage of the annual profit from their investments to a chosen charity. What’s more, TAM will also donate an equal percentage from our total annual fees to that charity.


The client decides what percentage of their annual portfolio gain to donate to charity when opening their account.*


TAM will donate the same percentage from their total annual fees.


The investor’s chosen charity will receive: Their Donation, TAM’s Donation PLUS even more through HMRC Gift Aid.**

TAM will provide the client with a letter each year clearly outlining the calculation and confirming the donation has been made to their chosen charity. Where the client has opted to provide their details, the chosen charity will receive the appropriate information in relation to potential Gift Aid reclaim.

*Maximum of 20% ** The eligibility of the client's nominated charity to apply for Gift Aid and the amount they will receive, will vary on a case by case basis.

The Benefits


Investors can choose any registered charity to receive a donation.


Increased donations through shared responsibility with TAM.


The charity can benefit, where appropriate, from HMRC Gift Aid to increase that donation.


Clear and convenient donation process.


At any time, clients can change their charity of choice, the percentage they give or opt out completely.

Case Study

Mrs. Johnson chooses to give 10% of her gain to a local charity:
Portfolio value 1st January £100,000
Net Portfolio Value 31st December £105,000
Annual Gain (Net) £5,000 (or 5%)*
“You Give, We Give” 10% of gain:
Charitable donation £500 **
TAM will also send an additional 10% of their total fees to Mrs. Johnson’s chosen charity.

* Illustration only, past performance is not a guide for future returns. ** Higher rate tax payers may be eligible to reclaim tax against this.

Additional Ways To Give


In addition to being able to donate a chosen proportion of their annual pension income to charity throughout retirement, clients also have the option to leave either part, or all, of any remaining fund value upon their death, to a charity (or charities) of their choice. Any 'crystallised' death benefit lump sum is normally subject to a 55% tax charge – however if this payment is made to charity then it is tax exempt, further increasing the ‘gift’.
Arranging this couldn’t be easier. The client simply completes one of our Charity Nomination Forms when they first take out their investment. Their choice of charity(ies) can be easily amended at any time, through the completion and submission of a replacement form. Upon a client's death, the amount of residual value remaining in their fund will be paid to the charity(ies) mentioned within the most recent Nomination Form that we hold on record.

What We've Raised So Far:


What Charities Say

  • When I first heard about YGWG, I was looking for the catch - but there isn't one; donations are only made from net profits and investors can chose their own preferred charity.

    Olivia Giles, Founder of 500miles
  • Thank you for informing us that your client has selected to participate in your company's 'You Give, We Give' charitable giving scheme and that he has chosen Ferne Animal Sanctuary as his charity to benefit. We acknowledge receipt of two cheques and your client’s completed Gift Aid form for which we are most grateful. We are very grateful to you and your client for supporting the Sanctuary in this way and we assure you that we will put the money to good use looking after the animals entrusted to our care. We recently completed the building of a new rehoming centre at this site which includes kennelling facilities for up to 50 dogs: previously, we could only house 25. Being able to help twice as many dogs is wonderful but means that our veterinary and feed bills will also increase. Donations like yours are extremely welcome to help offset those extra costs. I am enclosing some literature about the Sanctuary which I hope you will find both interesting and informative. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

    Jenny Wheadon, Ferne Animal Sanctuary
  • On behalf of everyone at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA} charity I would like to thank you for your generous donation from your 'You Give, We Give' charitable giving scheme. The YAA currently operates two helicopters - one based at Nostell Air Support Unit, near Wakefield and the other at RAF Topcliffe, near Thirsk. Both of which can be airborne in just two minutes, flying at speeds of up to 160mph. We currently attend over 1000 missions a year, an average of 3 incidents every single day. As you are probably aware it costs the charity £12,000 every day to keep both our helicopters maintained and in the air. Every donation we receive will help us to carry on flying and saving lives across the region seven days a week, 365 days a year and we are extremely grateful for your support. Thank you for thinking of The Yorkshire Air Ambulance and supporting our work.

    Maris McParland, Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity
  • We were delighted to receive a total donation in relation to your client’s participation in the TAM 'You Give We Give' charitable giving scheme. This is much appreciated. Thank you for forwarding a Gift Aid Declaration in respect of your client’s personal donation, we have acknowledged our thanks direct to the client. Due to the fantastic support we receive from the communities and businesses in and around Devon we are able to further develop and improve our service. From early 2016 we will be extending our operation to fly until midnight. Currently, during the darker winter months we are only able to operate for around 8 hours of daylight, meaning that from as early as 4.30pm we are not available. In addition we are investing in the clinical development of our aircrew which will further enhance our service. This, coupled with the extended flying hours, will enable us to help even more people. Your donation is very much appreciated and you are truly making a difference.

    Louise Newbury, Devon Air Ambulance Trust
  • I am writing to thank you for the generous donations in support of UNHCR's work providing emergency shelter, relief and protection to refugees around the world this winter from yourselves and your client.. This donation will be immediately put to use to help the most vulnerable people who have been forcibly displaced. A humanitarian emergency is unfolding right now across Europe and the Mediterranean. UNHCR is on the ground, protecting refugees and providing lifesaving assistance such as shelter, food and water to refugees arriving in Europe. In Syria, UNHCR recently registered the 4 millionth refugee of the conflict. It was a landmark that no one in our agency wanted to reach. The Syrian conflict and its impact on the surrounding region has rapidly produced one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time, and many families are now facing another winter in a tent, with no idea of when they might be able to return home. This generous contribution enables us to carry on our life-saving work helping these refugees and other people of concern to our agency, by providing food, water and other supplies crucial for the winter ahead. Many Syrian families will receive critically needed shelter through the support we have received and we will be able to provide warm blankets and clothing to many in need. At UNHCR, our mission is to help and safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees all around the world. Today, on earth, one in every 122 people has been forced to flee their home or country because of conflict, persecution or violence. Of the world's nearly 60 million refugees, more than half are children - children whose short lives have been shaped by war, fear and loss. These refugees are people like just you or me, though they have had to face a grim choice - stay and die, or flee their homes and risk the treacherous journeys across land and sea borders in search of a safer future. This donation makes a real difference towards refugees. Without the generosity of donors such as you UNHCR simply would not be able to carry out this type of essential work.

    Meg Drewett, UNHCR



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