FinchTech : Performance and Portfolios


The Mainstream and Ethical, Social, Environmental, Sustainable (E.S.E.S.) investment portfolios accessed via your FinchTech white label will adopt exactly the same investment strategy as the existing TAM Focus and TAM Ethical offerings.

The 5 Year Performance and approximate equity/non-equity weightings (e.g. 35/65) are laid out below.


TAM Focus 35 / 65 32.30% TAM Ethical 35 / 65 40.10%
TAM Focus 50 / 50 49.78% TAM Ethical 50 / 15 47.29%
TAM Focus 65 / 35 62.40% TAM Ethical 65 / 35 56.90%
TAM Focus 85 / 15 70.17% TAM Ethical 85 / 15 64.77%

Source: TAM Asset Management Ltd. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future returns. The value of investments, and the income from it, may go down as well as up and may fall below the amount initially invested. The figures shown above are for TAM’s Focus and Ethical portfolio range which will replicated for the portfolios available through a Finctech white-label. The Ethical performance from Jun 2012 to Sep 2013 is proforma and calculated based on the assumption that the initial Oct 2013 portfolio was held from Jun 2012 following which a monthly rebalancing occurred.




All portfolios opened through FinchTech will be managed by TAM's award winning team of experienced investment managers, dedicated to making fully transparent, diversified investment portfolios accessible to all.

As a discretionary investment manger, TAM have the flexibility, depth of knowledge and understanding needed to quickly respond to ever-changing market and regulatory conditions.

TAM's investment team use diversification across asset class, geographical focus and underlying funds to spread risk and exposure. They aim to avoid the most volatile markets using active portfolio management to focus on core strategic investments in order to generate positive gains, so you can rest assured that clients' wealth is in capable hands.

Weightings may deviate from these levels at the Investment Team's discretion whilst staying within specific guidelines, so the above asset allocation is intended as a guide only.

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